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Plugins for Apple Mail


With SendLater there is another button that allows you to send the email at a specific date and time in the future.

More Info... Buy ($13.95)


EverMail allows to easily convert emails in Apple's Mail application to be converted into notes in Evernote.

More Info... Buy ($13.95)


CargoLifter automatically uploads your email's attachments to the cloud and adds the corresponding links to the end of your email.

More Info... Buy ($13.95)


ForgetMeNot scans your email text for special keywords and reminds you if it cannot find an attachment when you try to send your email.

More Info... Buy ($9.95)


With Graffiti it becomes easier than ever before to design wonderful email signatures without being a webdesign expert.

More Info... Buy ($9.95)


Face2Face adds people's faces based on their Facebook, Google+, Flickr account, their Gravatar profile and other sources.

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VPN Client for OS X


Shimo is the most versatile VPN client for OS X and it enables really everybody to master secure network connections.

More Info... Buy (€49)
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