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Unified Access to your Cloud

As people nowadays primarily use mobile devices and mobile computers, cloud storage becomes more and more important to everybody's daily life. There are plenty of different cloud storage providers out there and each of them uses its own software or website to send or retrieve files to or from the cloud.
Kiwingu makes things simpler: Just enter your cloud drive's account data to access your files the same way you are currently accessing files on a USB pen drive. Plug&Play for the Cloud

Universal Access

Kiwingu supports many different protocols to connect your cloud drive with your computer. The most common protocols are SFTP, FTP, Amazon S3 and WebDAV. Most cloud storage providers use one of these to offer remote access to your files in the cloud. Therefore Kiwingu is able to integrate your personal cloud drive into your computer's operating system the same way external disks are integrated.

Automation is Convenient

Kiwingu allows you to configure certain trigger events to automatically establish a connection to your cloud drive. For example, you could automatically connect your cloud drive when you connect your computer to a particular wireless network or when you launch a certain application. Kiwingu's automation feature adds a whole new level of convenience to your cloud experience.

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