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Emails were anonymous - Up until now!

Emails are still the primary communication channel in our connected world. But they sometimes appear outdated when it comes to visualization. Have you ever wondered how the person you are receiving an email from is looking like? Wouldn't it be so much more personal if you have a smiling face in mind when reading a person's email? We have the solution...

Faces everywhere!

Apple's Mail normally uses your personal address book as its source for images, which are shown for emails from the corresponding people. Face2Face is a plugin for Mail, which adds new sources for people's faces based on their Facebook or Google+ account, their Flickr account, their Gravatar profile or based on Face2Face's own database.

Add your Face

Face2Face maintains its own database for people's faces associated to their email addresses. By using Face2Face you are able to upload your own personal image to this database. This image is then displayed whenever a Face2Face user receives an email from you. The more users upload their personal image to Face2Face, the prettier Mail becomes as there are more of those personal images available to be shown.

Companies have Faces, too!

If you receive an email from an abstract company email address (e.g. news@..., contact@... etc.), then Face2Face uses the corresponding company image instead of a personal image.

If you want your company's logo to be shown to Face2Face users, please follow our tutorial on how to add a company image to Face2Face.

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