Spring Status Update 

It’s spring!
I just want to let you all know that the development of Shimo is currently a little sluggish, because I started my new job as a PhD candidate at RWTH Aachen University. Furthermore I added some cool new features to Shimo3, which do not work well yet. For example, Shimo3 will use Snow Leopard’s integrated support for CiscoVPN connections. Thus Shimo will work without any additional software on MacOS X 10.6!
More news: For all the hamachi fans among you, I am planning to release a special application for VPN services like hamachi. This app will include support for contact lists, file sharing etc.
GeoTagr will also receive an update very soon, which incorporates the new services in iPhone OS 4.0! For the iPhone I am going to release an enhanced version of Kamusi (probably with audio support) and there is another nice iPhone app in the pipeline :-)
As you can easily see, I have a lot of plans for this year and I am sure that you will like all of them!

Regarding the Shimo3 beta test: It has not started yet and currently all the people, who applied for it, will be in!