Snow Leopard Compatibility 

A lot of people approached me the last days asking whether Shimo and GeoTagr are Snow Leopard compatible. By now I can tell you that GeoTagr is completely 10.6 compatible and works absolutely flawlessly on my Snow Leopard machine. With Shimo it is a little more complicated as it depends heavily on some small helper applications, which run in the background to provide all those wonderful features…

Unfortunately not all of those utilities work on Snow Leopard by now. Especially the tun/tap drivers are not 10.6 compatible and I am waiting for a freshly built version from Mattias Nissler, who is the lead developer behind the tun/tap drivers. As soon as I get my hands on those drivers, I will release an updated version of Shimo, which is then 10.6 “certified” :-)

Stay tuned!