Ideas for Shimo 3 

Shimo 2 becomes more and more stable the last days and with Hamachi I integrated another VPN protocol into Shimo’s feature stack. At the moment there is no VPN protocol out there (as far as I know) Shimo does not support with 2.0.6 – Great!

At the moment the only real problem I see with Shimo 2 is the AnyConnect implementation. As I don’t have access to an AnyConnect account it is almost impossible to develop a working client for this new protocol. I already implemented the basic structure, but I don’t know exactly how the server and the client communicate with each other… if anybody has the possibility to provide an account then please let me know! :-)

When AnyConnect works, there is no big new feature that will be added to version 2 of Shimo. The major goal is then to make it rock-stable and fast!
The next big step in VPN connections on the Mac will then be Shimo 3. At the moment I have a very small list of new groundbreaking features Shimo 3 will have:

  • Leopard-only (Shimo 3 will use some of Leopard’s great new features and therefore I have to leave Tiger behind)
  • Concurrent Connections (this is a heavily demanded new feature and will blow everything away, because it will be easier than ever before to have multiple concurrent VPN connections of different protocols at the same time)

Now it is your turn. Write into the comments the features you want to see in the next major release of the best VPN client of the world :-)