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What is "Chungwa"?

You probably asked yourself what this mysterious word "Chungwa" is all about. The answer is relatively simple: Chungwa is the Swahili word for orange, which is resembled in our beautiful logo and primary color scheme. There are some more reasons why we decided to take chungwa/orange for our corporate identity, but this is another story. Don't forget: Orange is the new Apple!

The Team

ChungwaSoft started in May 2008 as a very small company with primarily only one software developer. Over time it became inevitable to have another expert for finances and marketing. Furthermore we work together with graphic artists and translators for our projects.

Fabian Jäger ( Co-Founder & Software Engineer )

Besides Fabian's ambitions to write awesome software, he studied computer engineering at RWTH Aachen University and did his Ph.D in video and image processing at the Institute for Digital Communications (IENT).
In his free time Fabian loves to do sports like football and badminton. To relax he enjoys travelling and spending as much time as possible with his wonderful girlfriend, friends and family.

Tobias Knobl ( Co-Founder & Finances + Marketing )

Tobias studied Business Administration & Engineering at RWTH Aachen University and worked at RWTH Center for Entrepreneurship for two years. In his free time Tobias loves to travel the world and to do sports like wakeboarding and football.

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