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What is "Chungwa"?

You probably asked yourself what this mysterious word "Chungwa" is all about. The answer is relatively simple: Chungwa is the Swahili word for orange, which is resembled in our beautiful logo and primary color scheme. There are some more reasons why we decided to take chungwa/orange for our corporate identity, but this is another story. Don't forget: Orange is the new Apple!

The Team

ChungwaSoft started in May 2008 as a very small company with primarily only one software developer. Over time it became inevitable to have another expert for finances and marketing. Furthermore we work together with graphic artists and translators for our projects.

Fabian Jäger ( Founder & Software Engineer )

Fabian founded ChungwaSoft in 2008 after 2 years of open-source software development for the Mac. He started writing software for the Mac in 2004. Two years later Fabian started the development of Shimo as a hobby and for himself as he disliked the way Cisco implemented the Mac version of their VPN client. After some time Shimo has become more and more successful and by now is the first choice for people dealing with VPN connections on a daily basis.
Besides Fabian's ambitions to write great Mac software he studied computer engineering at RWTH Aachen University before he graduated in 2009. Now he does a doctorate in video and image processing at the Institute for Digital Communications (IENT), but still tries to find as much time as possible for his software projects and ChungwaSoft.
In his free time Fabian loves to do sports like soccer and badminton. To relax he enjoys photography and spending as much time as possible with his wonderful girlfriend, friends and family.

Pascal Jäger ( Finances & Marketing )

When ChungwaSoft became more and more successful due to its main product Shimo, Fabian had to find an expert for business finances and marketing. Fortunately his brother Pascal started his studies in Business Administration and consequently was the perfect choice for this position. Since then he is responsible for the accounting for ChungwaSoft and other business related matters.
Pascal is well-known for his very successful career as a professional computer gamer. He travels the world to take part in various tournaments like ESWC and WCG. Besides that he also likes to play Badminton, where he mostly beats his brother.

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